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The Tweet House was a pop-up seminar series that ran from 2010 to 2014 and was hosted under the auspices of various film festivals during Twitter’s rapid rise to prominence as a media platform.

Tweet House was an offshoot of the pioneering “Twitter Conference” that launched in Mountain View in 2009, a large technical gathering geared to hundreds of developers and marketing professionals.

Twitter Inc. launched its own technical conferences, and with its guidance and counsel the Twitter Conference pivoted to become the Tweet House. The first Tweet House was held in Park City, Utah during the Sundance Film Festival in 2010. Subsequent Tweet Houses were held within the Napa Valley Film Festival, the SXSW film festivals, and others. Over just a few years, and a handful of locales, thousands of attendees learned from scores of leading social media experts and tech industry leaders.

The transition from a techie gathering to a leading entertainment industry event was a challenge for our remote Redmond WA organization. The contacts and personalities needed could not have been recruited without the dozens of outside publicists, producers, and consultants/contractors in other areas who worked with us and came together to make a virtual “LA Office.” They were instrumental in bringing some of the most recognizable names in the business to the Tweet House stage. Special thanks go out to Eileen Colavita of Spinshoppe, Valerie Allen of Valerie Allen PR, Ralina Shaw of Ralina Shaw PR, and Monique Moss of Integrated PR for providing the Tweet House with celebrity speakers and special guests.